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The Tattler

Sappers meet regularly on the second Friday of every second month. These are informal gathering and are being well supported, we hope to see new faces turnibg up each time. These are held at the South Island Sappers HQ, the Papanui RSA. Any time after 1700hrs on the second Friday of the even months of the year Food and Drinks are availble so come along and see who turns up.

Sappers day is celebrated in October at the RSA

All Ex & Serving Sapper Welcome

Chairman Bernie Rose Ph 313 1569

Secretary Colin Walsh

On the following months

08 December      Friday Night Get together

09 February 18   Friday Night Get together

13 April              Friday Night Get together

08 June               Friday Night Get together

10 August           Friday Night Get together

15 October    Sunday Sappers Day, Raising of the Flag & Buffet. Papanui RSA

Sappers Wives / Partners Luncheon

 It’s hard to believe it is over two years ago we started our 2 monthly luncheons. It has been a great success with mainly small numbers of us meeting for a drink, chat and lunch.
 We welcome anyone who would like to join in. Come along to our next luncheon on Tuesday   
 04 July at the Papanui RSA at 1200hrs. If you have any enquires please ring me, Joyce Walsh Phone 3423272 

Then on the following months

09 January 2018 Luncheon
 13 March Luncheon
08 May Luncheon 
10 July Luncheon


Royal New Zealand Naval AssociationPAPANUI CHRISTCHURCH BRANCH

Association Meetings: We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 1730 – February to DecemberVenue: Upham Room, Papanui RSA

Contact details: 
  President: Gavin Jones Ph:03 981 1538    

 Vice President: Bruce Te Kooro Ph:03 381 0004     

Secretary: Dennis Moffat Ph:3236317 

The Papanui Christchurch branch of the RNZN Association meets regularly:

  • To support the Royal New Zealand Navy
  • To look after the welfare of members and provide support where it is necessary
  • To preserve and maintain the comradeship that began in the naval service
  • To share experiences and enjoy each other’s company at regular Make and Mend
  • A Calendar of branch events and Application Form is available in the foyer stand of the Papanui RSA Membership:Full membership: 

This is open to persons who have served in the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Royal Navy and other world Navies Associate membership: This is open to persons who have an association with the Navy.


CMT-NS Association Christchurch Inc.

Remember there were 60,000 men who served under the CMT in the 50`s and later in the 60`s 20,000 men served under the National Service scheme.

The cost of becoming a member is a yearly subscription of $10 from June – May. Subscriptions are now due for the year 2018/2019

CMT Assocciation has been formed in Christchurch since 2006 we extend the hand out to all ex CMT/NS or Spouse/Partner in the Christchurch area.
Any ex CMT/NS visitors come and join us every Thursday night 4.30 onwards at the:

Papanui RSA,
55 Bellvue Avenue